Mistreated Animals

This dog, named “Chance”, was roaming the streets of Manjai (a part of Serrekunda), The Gambia, for more than 6 weeks with a tight rope around his neck.
The rope was removed on the 15th August 2012. His chance of survival was pretty small in my opinion, but I wanted to give him his “Chance”. And he used it! He was drinking water the same day and was able to swallow food after 48h. Although he had to chew it a bit longer than the average dog…

Here is his story in videos:
6 weeks of the rope:

Helping other poor guys with a “rope” around their neck:

All this time is was never able to touch him. He kept at least 3m distance to men, was a bit more trustful with women. I didn’t really hope that I will be able to find him an owner one day.

But after 6 months with me, the miracle happened!

1 year off the rope: