The View Of Our Clinic

Trap – Neuter – Return

The number of dogs and cats on the streets and beaches of The Gambia is extremely high. They often have an owner that feeds them left-overs but otherwise does not take much care of them, just lets them roam around all day long.

Reproduction in these animals is out of control.

That's where the TNR program comes in: Trap - Neuter/Spay  - Return.

We pick up dogs and cats from the streets and beaches, neuter/spay, vaccinate, rid them of their parasites and  return them to the place they were found.

Some animals are not in a good condition. These ones are usually kept at the clinic to get better.

Additionally, sometimes we try to find new homes for them. Rehoming works well for the puppies and kittens arriving, but is a difficult task for adult animals.

People without any money to care for their pets get this service, too. For free.

We are very lucky to have over 400 supporters for our charity work from all over the world!

A big THANK YOU to all the generous people keeping the charity work with animals in The Gambia going!


Consultation Hours

Monday – Friday:
8am – 1pm

4pm - 5pm

8am – 1pm
(1pm – 4pm in case of Cleaning Day/Set Settal)

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Emergency Vet Service: 
Available out of office hours for our customers.

Make A Donation

Our charity work with the dogs & cats of The Gambia relies heavily on the generosity of our supporters. Especially the TNR program, Trap - Neuter/Vaccinate/Deworm - Return, would be unthinkable without the help from abroad.

"Please help us to help them!"

A Lovely Limeric From One Of Our Super Supporters

There was a young Vet who swallowed a maggot,
He wasn’t quite sure he shouldn’t have had it,
He’d boiled them and fried them and baked them and baste them,
But fresh from the dog was the BEST way to taste them!

He offered the maggots to his assistants in vain,
His clients, they laughed, as if he’d gone insane!
But the Vet, he persisted in his sharing of worms, 
No matter the faces they made or their squirms.

So the moral of this story is not what you think!
Mango worms are nasty and sometimes make dogs stink!
They’re the original superfood, that some people still eat! 
I’d have to be starving, have no other source of meat
to munch down mango worms, 
Now my limerick’s complete!